Featuring Jazzie Pha)

[Jazzie Pha]
Can you show it to me?
Uh, get this, don't stop
I'm not finished yet
I want another dance, I betchu get wet
Like this, you in the danger zone
Not bashin' wood, I'm from afar, it's on again
And I'm back in the cut, Ideal is the cut
Anytime I come back, let it phase uncut

Into the spot to see this broad I know
Cuz when she does her thing, it's outta control
Baby, got it locked, she's got a certain style
I'm going back for more
She drives me wild, I gotta see

1 - Sexy dancer
Got a nigga spending all of that paper
Drive me crazy when you're moving your body
Can you break it down just for me

Sexy dancer
Got a nigga spending all of that paper
Drive me crazy when you're moving your body
Can ya break it down just for me

Shorty's got the shit
I'm trying to let you know
Balla's from all around
Come to see her flow
Wish I had it home
But I go out to see
Talk about a playa's ball
That's what I need, Oh sexy dancer

Can you make it last for me
Come on, come on baby, lemme see
Show me
You can really work that thing
Baby, can you work it just for me

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Break it down down down
Baby, when you break it down down down

[Jazzie Pha]
Jazzie Pha, come on, real Jazz Pha
Fell off in the VIP, four deep in a Benz
Big 20" rims, pile of gin, bubblin'
Pocket full of big faces, hundred dolla' bills
Fifty dolla' bills, and twenty dolla' bills
Riding with some balla's coming down off the real
The girls in the club keep it quiet
You know the deal
They way you work the pull baby, you got me hot
Cuz you really lookin' like you give it all that you got
Make that ass spread like some grey poupon
Whatever you on and can I get a coochie coupon
See me and my nigga's, we been sippin' on double shots
Baileys, and Hennessey baby, on the rocks
Dont' stop
Shake it baby, keep it hot
Don't quit
Cuz you banging like a platinum hit
Shake that ass with Jazzy get down
Enter the bar, turn into the heater, play up another round
Get down

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Sexy dancer
Work that body work that body

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