The last epitaphy is written with the feather
Of descending frost

Lead: diamantum

Let the softbreeze breaks with northern storms
Into the aeon of life
Blizzard reges convoking shredding frost
Nor good nor evil just death is here

An iceled image of all arts behold
The fatal sights of silence
And emptiness deep drowning in sorrow
Romance of life became

Funeral shrines
Into yawning of nebular chilling abyss
The earth is submerging
Everywhere winds form funeral made of ice
And the frozen human statues

An epitome of a dying illusion
The wreath to life that fading
And wintergales will blow there eternal
The life shall pass in wandering winds

Hear the last bell tolls for all who breathe
The final way they follow
Into flowing waves of iceled ocean
Just look to human frozen faces

It shall be the last winter on earth
Spreading it's wings