Spirits are rising from the fullmoon flame
With the darkness in sky
Aghasting rebellion inside
Eternal evil
Benighted creatures are waking
Await me in dark !
To rise in nocturnal winds
Chains of past aren’t bound me now
I’m arriving to endless dark
In cold rays of moonlight aiming
Upwards to the frozen sky
Vortex relieve me from earth’s soils of torment
Uplift me in wise wind of freedom and whod
Grant me wings blees me by thy moonlight
In blackwinged night enclouded gates
As I return to the form of the beast
In the bleak light of the blackening moon
Shadows fell – my time is coming
Thus Ashtaroth release me

Evil beauty in this dark skyline
And I fly in a funeral stream
Streams from abyss bring all mystique
At the gates of endless dark
Void of coldness – ancient powers
Abyss blows in the light of the moon
To beyond world now lead by clouds
To infernal evil in gates
I am pure I greet this new world
Behind the curtain of false world of lies
With the winds of the darkside
I return to a nocturnal lands

Now I return to domains of nocturnal winds

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