Faster, faster the shadowed traces collide
Exhausted, I drown in beyond the life's suspension
Of yawning chasms, in lost subconciousness
In paranormal phase of distorted sleep

Let the trip begin
Through pulsating astral bodies beyond all realms
Despair and the emtiness aside
Icecold paws of fear
Thus insalubrious space, haunting for you!

Dementing irradiance upveiling me
Strayed in streams of chaoticon suns
The ether I levitate deceives, I'm strangling...
There is no way out, no god to save your soul...

Further steps is leer
Lethargy conceals the body, somewhere beyond...
Dying time delivering the senescense to fray
Abnormal seeds grow in the mortal soil
The soul is crusting, inflowing to be...
...Devoured in yawning of mytherious kadath...

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