He said goodbye to the Cannonball
When Curtis Jackson was yet to crawl
He had a photo of a Gran Torino
From Ohio on the wall

He got deeper into the sound
When the big debate was Watergate
Marlena and Roberta
Made him feel like makin' love

He remembers
The boogie brought down the house
The DJ's turnin' out, 1975
His surrender was total and complete
Down to his dancin' feet
And he gave it up for love

He gave it up for love

Santana played with the Winds on Fire
And the way of the world became his heart desire
He met a girl freckles on her face
They found a place for the summer
This was a time of space and rhapsody
His hair was long
Lord knows the sound was funky
Herbie and Stevie held the keys to his fantasies

Wasn't gravity that kept him there?
But the music and the magic in the air

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