Smile, Like a Happy Child
Feelin' Safe in Your Embrace
Shine, Sunshine
Kiss You Warmly On Your Face
This Is the Place Where I Am Free
There Is no Where Else I'd Rather Be

Than Here in Your Arms
Hypnotised By Your Charms
Every Touch Means So Much
Boy, You Blow My Mind
I Love What You Do For Me

(I Love What You Do, I Love What You Do)
What You Do For Me, Baby

Close Your Eyes
And I'll Creep Into Your Dreams
Through Your Mind, Weave a Secret On Your Soul
All That You Dream, I'm Dreamin' Too
No One Else Could Take the Place of You

(I Wanna Be)

I Love What You Do For Me
Close to You's Where I Wanna Be
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby (Oh)


Repeat (Fade)

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