In my dreams I can fly far away
From the fucking reality of life
It's the fool of my own faith
I belive in gun and knife
I walk around the semetary
Looking for a wiktim of my obsession
And cold lustre in my brutal eyes
At once betrays my maniacal passion

Your fire
Burns my but I'm not even dying
I justify
Your screams and now I feel like flyng

Now, at last, I see young lonely girl
She looks realy great, I think
Loninning legs, big eyes are very green
And she has too sexy tits
Bitcy ass and all her body quick
Bone their job and now I'm axcited
I an looking to feel her tender skin
My old friend Dick is erected

Your impotance to pleasent to my
You feel inside my obstinate dick
Now we're laying in dirty tomb
And I defile your virginal womb

Your cunt becomes so big hole
And I see - you'ra real whore
I don't know what I hear
Your screams of enjoyment or
Shouts of fear

You lying under my
So temping and sinful
You want much more pleasures
But you can't be satisfied
Cause you dirty whore
And you tell me
That you tell my
That you veneral infected
And laughing


Week later dick swelled up, my jesus
And now I three venereal diseases
I awake at the morning in sweat
That's all - just nightmare, but I'm wet

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