Every women has
This hole with shit inside
And sometimes she wants
To get it outside
You can read between
The lines and understand
What the paper now
She's reaching with her hand

Brown underwear, body's always sweat
Smells like bastard everywhere
Dirty punky nails, junkies chip and dale
And protecting fucking whales

Now she's pissing out
This thing she kept inside
But she'll never do it
Couse it out of here might
She can't push her shit
Out of her fucking ass
So, my darling, try it
With another breath

Make up's smashing on her face
Sweat-drops falling onto base
Tied-up pulsing forehead skin
Cover-girl from magazine

Go to darkest hell take a puking smell
Close yourself inside this cell
Maybe you can stop, shit will never drop
Or I'll go for toilet cop

Whore - seat here for forever
More - listen to me
Fuck - wish you goddamn pissed out
Luck - so you can suck

Now this piece of shit
Fell out her fucking ass
And she seling
It's going in access
She is lucky
Banging dropped out eyes

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