Romantic temptation
Your body is now my battleground
None will rape you just liek me
Let's do it in peace and fun
Persaded pussy lips
Are opened too fucking wide
My insane orifices ransack
Is beginning just right now
Depleted, hot
Go fucking cunt!
Depleted, hot
Go fucking God
Now we can start with our sex with no fucking pain
Lubricating very well
Now we can insert my prick to your so sweet hole
Penetrating well
Oh, that's rectal masturbation
I am completely drained down
That thing I've never seen before
An anal blow job is what you do
Razzia of your guts
I will flood your abdomen with sperm slime
Faeces I filthy masticate
As they're urged to my prick fellate
Now shits shower starts to splash
As you are full of my seed of filth
When my orgasm comes over me in waves
I try to fix your hole with my cock using it as bung
Odour of human inner fluids raises to my head
And you raise your legs to enjoy we become friends
There's no luve 'cause of fuck
She masturbates and I am so tired
It could be love 'cause of luck
I am so tired and she waits bored

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