You slut!
Why are you beating me?
Why do you me attack?
There were some rules
Now in gruppen sex I stuck
Army of lingerie
Latex, dildos and stocks
Spermblinded twat-devoured
Out combat started already has
Our ragnarok
You will bleed
Fucked, raped, sodomized
Let your legs are spread
Yes bitchbrigade
You will bleed
So bitchbrigade
Sperm flats through teeth
Motherfucking dildoweapons of lethal now are definatly charged
When we meet the clyster squad we find our true sucking target
Blasting cunt slime artillery flushes all of people are asexual
Whipped asses shine with the red of blood, fellated A-grenades
...Again Spermagic
Our ragnarok
You will bleed
Yes bitchbrigade
We are all you really need
Spread your legs wide
And try to start to pray
We are bitch brigade
Cumming on your fucking face

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