Hell comes to my limb
Wet dream, celibacy is fucking sin
Bad brain fucked me
I can see everywhere
Pricks and cunts surrounding me in despair
I feel I have lost my fucking destiny
I wanna be God blessed
With no fuck, rejected and expelled

Cummageddon… final cuntdown

Jerking off sickly again
Counting times you've vitiated
Cuntdown, hand hurts
Angel waits for me till I cum and spurt
Humiliate myself
Jesus watches me from fucking bookshelf
Not shy, he knows
Love him as shit in bowels

Nothing to loose I have now, there's over, I'll not bow
Sexual orgy I am freak, I don't want to God to speak
Cunts and pricks are all around, that's my heaven what I found
I will shoot him with cum and piss into eyes of chosen one

Judgment day such I want
Fucking all and to love them till they rot
It's not rain, it's His cum
I wonder from where it falls fucking down
Female cum I drink, I fear
My prick started to soften, shrink
It was my last day
Of life and I don't pray