This is mosquito control I'm on the
stinging end your tounge is spilling pins
a vector of the secret disease your voice
like a rusted plane in a rusted sky your
beak pierces me in the back of my neck your
skin erupts my skin into a rash this is
mosquito control I'm on the stinging end
I'm on the stinging end

Mosquito control life under the swatter
(never turn your back, never close your eyes)
Pulling wings tight strip to paralyze mosquito
control breed in stagnant warmth

Mating of the swarm mating of the filth
(blodd for breeds dripping poisoned mouths)
Thin the swarm population controlling stingers
suck you sry digging needle deep

Leaving poison itch digging mosquito control
population control exterminate the swarm on
wings and needles

Suck me dry Bleed me dry

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