What is a man, who lays a hand on his lover, and calls it tough love
What is a man, who can't take a stand for his daughter, and calls it tough love
You're roots grow in the crack of the alleys, college park made you
Man enough to see man enough to see, there ain't a goddamn man in me

Take me back to a date, before I was hostile and learned to hate

You promised yourself you would never become, a storm a blackout replicating the one
The thunder inside him became your life and you called him your best friend till the day you were nine

Hotel rooms, bourbon, and broads, a drifter living life, without God
You've done it now, you planted a seed, now the storm inside you, it swallows her

And I know life can be so strange but I know I can make a change imma' wipe away the clouds for ya

I'm gonna be around for ya, I'm gonna paint the town for ya, I'm gonna make a promise to give you everything you want and need, but she fucked up now, cause she's bearing another mouth you can't feed

Cease production of a destructive breed, seek help cause your pride only makes you weak

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