The definition of a champion
Its you
Whenever you decide to be that.

This is for my champions
This is for my champions
Okay, alright, uh huh, lets go.

Its been 40 days, and 40 nights
Ive been hustlin on my grind for a long time
I give anything, i made sacrifice
Matter of fact i put a lot of shit on the line.

I gave my love(gave my love)
Gave my tears(gave my tears)
Gave my heart(gave my heart)
Faced my fears(faced my fears)
And now im standin right here, cuz im the livin version of a champion.

See im the champion, haters be talkin when they see me but im not hearin em.
Cuz they just thinkin they wanna be me cuz im killin em.
All be cause im killin em.
But haters relax cuz you just gotta deal with em.

[chorus 2]
Im the champion.
You ain't ever gonna be able to stop me, cuz its ot in my genes
See im a champion.
If you got problems with me, you can step in my ring.
I dont ever run.
You ain't never gonna be able to make me give up because imma champion, imma champion.

Don't let nobody say what you can do
You better push em out the way and make your move, okay
You never let nobody get in your way.


See this goes out to the block and the people in the club when we make the beat rock, see.
I know what it is, tell me if you feel me
Just lift your voice and say(lift your voice and say).


[chorus 2]

See i'm a champion.
You aint ever gunna be able to stop me, cuz its not in my genes, im a champion.
Oh i'm a champion.

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