Lil mama got a whole lot of swag
Purse never hit the floor
Dress never drag
Steppin on the scene with a fresh pair of stelletos
Sippin on a sour amaredo?
That's one of them girls who never wanna let go
Only one and only give you yell ur hearin let go
Time and money well spent so i let the checks go
Put the pedal to the metal like ready set lets go

She's like chrome on my hummer
Breeze thru my summer
The calm before the thunder
Can't take nothin from her
Lil mama is so bad
I think the best that i ever had
Eyes dark brown, whip like blue
Whole lot of pretty with a few tattoos
Can't believe that im here with you
Let alone spendin the whole night thru
Holdin you

Anythin you ask
Gurl i got ya car crib cash
Love how u take ya time (neva move too fast)
We could take it slowly
Neva lv it lonely
Gurl super sexy independant
Classy full of female intuition
Perfection the newest randition
Did i 4get to mention she's a breeze in the kitchen

(chorus 2x)

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