[Verse 1]
Weve flirted Ive heard it all befor you want to show me now.
Ive sat in waited filled my head with dout.
I didnt think you come around and see it my way.
But you build up all the courage now.
Tonight your the water and Im ride your waves today.

So shawty wait intill the light go out theres no more talking and no more teasing nothing but pleasing.
Wait intill the lights go out lets loose the power for about a hour.
Oooooh Shawty wait intill the light go out [2x]

[Verse 2]
I never told you that the way you be talking to me sights my whole world.
But now its class time girl if you dont mind lets show and tell.
I got in good with your best friend [2x]
So that you never forget me.
And all that trash we be talking to her its entertaing.


[Verse 3]
If you ready hold it steady girl lets get into.
Turn off the mood if the blinds but some shade to it.
Put your body in postion for submission.
Straight shoveling while Im digging no need a electrieian.
Oooh when the lights.


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