Yeah, it's me and i'm back...
They call me holiday, yeah, yeah yeah

They call me holiday, similar to marvin gaye
And if you wanna test me you can see me on the realest stage
Cuz i'm back, yeah haters i'm back

This started out as a strange situation
So i'm debatin they gonna say somethin or just say nothin
But see me, i'ma g, and imma just keep it pimpin
And plus my momma told me, don't be chasin them women
I tried to listen but you caught my attention
From across the room i see sparks fly, light as a thicken
Like some kind of addiction
Shorty we about to get missin becuz we bout to go and get up on this mission

Baby girl, it just seems, that this scene is just wrong
What i mean, you're a queen you should be just with me
In belise or in aspen on ski's
Cuz your beauty's untamed its your grace magazines
And i
All i need is a week of attention
A private affair, like we on a mission
I swear once we're there
Girl i'll ease all your tension, work is suspended, lets fly

You need a holiday
A week we can take the rest off
Hit the port and take a jet off
On your holiday
Hit the room and remove your dress
Girl, let me remove your stress
You need a holiday
And we ain't gotta come back no time soon, girl when i'm with you
On your holiday
Just relax and you can see
When you sit back and roll with me

I won't lie, we can fly, we can drive, we can do whatever you wanna do
But baby you gotta
Pick a plane pick a ? pick a ride cuz if you want we can look fly in the coupe
Girl its on you
This ain't just ain't only one night
Girl i'm talkin bout vacation
And wave breakin, that skinny dippin under the moonlight, yeah



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