We go deep
And we don't get no sleep
Cause we be up all night
Until the early light

I'm feelin' fine
'cause in time i'll be out tonight
I'm startin' now
Makin' sure i look fine tonight

Call rene and boo
Gotta meet them soon
Tell t. to call shawn
I'll be there at 1:00
When we show up
All the guys at the club
Wanna get our backs
We look good in black

I'm feelin' high
Cause i'm outta control tonight
(feelin' high don't wanna stop)
He's got me movin'
Dj groovin' i feel way right
(groovin' i don't wanna stop)

I'm getting freaked from behind
I don't even mind
'cause he's looking damn fine
Make him mine in time
Gotta take him home
When i get him all alone
I'll make him scream and moan
He won't wanna stop

I'm feelin' high tonight
Outta control tonight
I'm feelin' high tonight
I feel high

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