Five A.M. rise and shine
To feed the baby before he starts to cry
No rest, no time to play
15, the mother is a runaway
No time for dreams or goals
pressure is so strong
Her body she has sold so her child can eat
What is happening to the world we live in
In our home and other lands

Drugs and crime spreadin' on the streets
People can't find enough to eat
Now our kids can't go out and play
That's the state of the world today

Lil' Johnny all alone
His only friend, the doll he carries with him
Goes to school each and every day
To be teased because he has no place to stay
This young homeless boy feels his life is worthless
Instead of suicide he cries himself to sleep
And it's happening to this world we live in
There's got to be a better way

Can't give up hope now
Let's weather the storm together


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