You keep telling me you don't understand (dont understand)
Your kiss, can't erase, need to push back, run away (away)
So sweet feeling, inside don't understand (dont understand)
Cant fight, wanna be strong, it's all gone, when we're all alone

When we're alone words just aint enough to show
All i can say is (fever)
When you hold me close words just aint enough to show
What can i say babe... i need you

Every little thing you give me such attention
You make me, feel like, i never had, love right
Feels so different to me
So if i act a little bit strange
Look in my eyes, don't let me get away

Words can't explain, waiting for love, for love so long
So take me in your arms, your arms
And i'll go with you
(want to) (3x)
Whatever you want to do

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