my girls
goin round talkin
they say that you've been
watchin me boy
i know
by the way you're talkin
that you're really tryin
to get to me boy
not anyone i'll just let in my heart
you have to be hungry for me
girls may have been easy
but you have to please me
what makes me think
that i can say this to you
i know how bad you want this

if you want my future then
you better work it boy
no it won't come easy no
i know you want this
by the time i'm through with you
you'll be beggin me for more

i know
your whole story
because you're fine and
and you know it
you think
that you can have me
just listen closely
no it aint so easy
every word
you've said i have heard before
girls may have been easy
but you have to please me
one thing i've been told
nothin else compares
to this lovin body


so you want my lovin
i know you want this


you want this
you want this...
can you handle this
well, come here then
early in the mornin
late in the evenin
just about around midnight
'cause you know i'll do you right
what's my name boy
'cause you gotta say my name boy
just a little bit louder now
just a little bit softer now
nice and easy

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