I need a bit of orbit now so beam me up
I have to cover vast distances oh, never to stop
I'll be ground into a poor old limping crawling thing
Can you take me up way up, deep deep beyond the stratosphere

Step inside our sleep efficient space machine
We got all the spacious things you'll ever need
Comfort guaranteed, just leave your earthliness be
Won't you dance with us, dance with us?
You'll never have to touch the ground (when I'm walking)
Music makes a softer sound (space talking)
Everything is upside down (and it's lasting)
Still, we're connecting encounters (buzz aldrin)
Where did you go?

You're bound to get the swing of things now, but stay close to me
And get into a nice straight trajectory without gravity
In the end you'll find you're made of stellular stuff
Barely hanging on by a thin thread was never good enough
Find yourself united with the space machine
Nothing between you and celestial gear
Mission complete, you've left your earthliness be,
Won't you dance with us, d-d-dance with us?

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