Have you ever, ever had to stand and just watch?
While your life was like a game on your x-box?
Welcome to the club, I'm the president
We're almost like a nation of fools
Where public spending's cut down to naught
We're clutching at invisible straws
Anda no-one's here to tell where they lead to
Who's to tell us who's in

I'm not in control
I seem to be but no
Our lives are a river where we
Are swimming frantically
Belly-up just tryin' to obtain
We fail to take control
Fail to swim ashore
It's all up in the air and I'd
Much rather go down river
Than go down like a lead balloon

The bottom's never the place to be
Why not surf on the surface with me
It's easy and won't ruin your make-up
Don't bother with the deep end anymore
I got happiness served on a plate for you
That old bliss on a table for two
Nothing in the water to weigh you down
Just throw out all your

I never claimed the answer
But I know what it's not
Let go and let in a little
Modulation to lift you up

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