Registration starts at 8
Don't be late or else
That's 8 as in the evening time
Class begins at 9 or 12
We'll study each and every flower
Per credit hour
Then all devour a box of Krispy Kreme

And if you grow your knowledge tree
Then come with me, it is, to Cannabis College

Instead of writing boring papers you roll your tests and quizzes
You'll be curing common glaucoma
Convinced you're acing physics
You'll be setting quite a fine example
Coring apples and carving cans
You passed your first exam

You can take your notes and tokes
Of signals made of smoke
No joke it is, off you go to Cannabis College

And in the basement laboratory they're teaching short term memory
Can anybody tell me where they're teaching short term memory?

Tell me have you met Professor Chong
He's been here who knows how long
His lectures often study classics
From Northern Cal to Oregon

Throughout the days it's Dr. Dre
And Dark Side of the Moon
And Purple Haze
And some randoms buy Pat Boone

With THC Ph. D's
A BA in euphoria
Avoid the military
Minoring in paranoia
Job offers aplenty with GPAs at 4 point 20
Get the blunted edge
A certificate that says
I made it through college

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