Though i fall through glass
I am higher than ever
I'm reaching the sky
And i'm holding on

Stop pop shake an ass to this
Now special edition of a fretboard checklist
Living by the funk
Coz they said i stunk
Who laughs now
Oh then she gotta bedunkydunk
Surry is a slide
With an afro beehive
People running hot
When doug is alive
Music's the master
Who rocked the ghetto blaster

Dirty little mother gonna rock it on the floor
With a beat like this she couldn't ask for more
Got one booty round from a dog pound
Comin' back from the task of a touchdown
And groovin' i was steaming
Now i'm southbound
Little risk of my fears of a hill town
Like i said i'm just here to lay a verse down

I am always looking for this
Something but i'm finding nothing
When shall we be released partner
Catch this so i get down mother

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