I overheard niggas saying jay was on the verge
He could make rumsfeld resign with rhymes he never heard
Immune with the birds
And can manipulate matter with the usage of words
Throwin dice on the curb
And I'm best and freshest with the writtien text fuck what ya heard

It's the metaphysical, dolby digital
Any Joe'll tell you the flows so pivotal
Every words literal
Each diatribe is sort of like an interview,
Come get a interview
Right past the man in the myth to the mineral
I was born uptown a mile from the riverview

Look, I'm a simple man ya understand
Masterin my temple man trying to expand
But when they think you simple man
Theyll try to play you out like you a simpleton
See what I'm saying
Niggas want pain not mercy
I'm writtin in my moleskin on the train to canarsie
Stand clear of the closin doors
The peo-ple are in constant fear of trojan war
The vehicle as opposed to is free is just a whore
I gotta call em like a see em
Even it it means theyll sancture my per diem
The angels will thank me in the streets if see em
Saying there he go but I wouldn't wanna be him
Holdin up a three and reppin for new orleans
Let us repay em

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