Be easy, you ain't really ready for war
With a bunch a live wire niggas ready for war
So be easy you ain't really ready for war
With a bunch of live wire niggas ready for war
When the drama get to poppin well be at your door
We can take it to a world you never seen before
Talk slick get your ass whipped down to the floor
Be easy my nigga be easy...

Off top I bring the hot hot shit
That toxic
You know how I spit
That revolutionary pac shit
Some times I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick
Sometimes I tell a hater to get off my dick
My flow is mega sick
Ya flow is delicate
Big cars big guns the bling the rhetoric
Call me jay boogie
Microphone under my hoodie
You cornball rappers could'ntdo nothing to me
Ultramagnetic flowetic rhyme poetic grind daily
Divine mind kinetic I shine blind with the light of the macmilli
Seventy six trillion years I'm still here, honey you motherfuckers could'ntmatch me
From new york to cakalacky, california to tallahasee, I terrorize a wack MC
I be wilin on you
I be stylin on you
I'm wagin war with the devil
The asiatic rebel is back swing

Pawn to e-6 move swift but cunning
Keep my knights on flank and my bishops gunning
My BL queen she hold me down lovely
The gravitational pulls too strong for you to budge me
It's a lyrical miracle
Pound for pound syllable for syllable
I'm the unfuckwitable
Eighty percent of my life I was subject to ridicule
But it was the fuel that helped me to reach the pinnacle
The flows like snowman I'm abominable
This war has scarred me but the damage was minimal
Paid dues
Slaid crews
Did my sheriff dirt but never made news
The god stay smooth
Made moves like Kasparov
My sins like snake skins homie I cast em off
Meet the elite throne crusher, the god fearin zone rusher
Perform under pressure,
Nobodys fresher
The soul stepper

Most of you lames never heard of me,
I'm the third ward born phenomenon don won sportin the burberry
Dippin in the flashiest car,
In the mic booth spittin the ras wa
The blase blah
Blase splee
You might find me in the D
Gettin grimey with the D-A-M- to the E
Mr porter in the lak
Black pearl in the back
Run your nab pack the loud gats that say sprrrraaat
Where yo mans at now pa?
He ain't around and he never show his face when it's time for style war
I'm gettin busy with the one two stick em
Let the rhythm hit em
Sound like a prism nigga who is em
Jay electronica lord of the rings
Baptising ya'll with fire water slaughterin kings
From seven mile to magnolia we crack soldiers
Somebody shoulda told ya
The rap game is ova

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