Pigs with the heads of men, spat acid
That lasered my third eye closed, like lasik
A midget in a casket like a baby in a bonnet with a bottle and a basset
Horn playin the theme song from children of the corn
Oh I must be dreamin
A lady in a night gown puffing kush dreamin
Signaled me over "psst you with the waves
I seen you from the catholic church steeple diggin graves,
I got your number sonny,
So ain't no use in fightin yellin or running from me"
I never ran mam
Well then you ain't a clever man sam
Listen, the two faced king from britain and rome
Had a baby in the bush on the grassy knoll
Where the peeled back the orange head peel of a gnome
He said he mc, I know you like killin them
You terrorize the skies for twenty-five milleniums
Now you settin fire to land
You the lion you the savior the messiah the lamb
You need backup he movin on the youth at dawn
Call badu and get tyrone on the megaphone
Tell em I sent you and your codename is megatron
If trouble come use your brain like a telephone
Hell take you to the chocolate city
Where two face and the prince of darkness have they commitee of snakes
Drill em, let the skin peel off the reveal them
Then spray em with them rhymes you like spillin
Hit em up real real good but don't kill em
We only wanna burn em to the point that they willin
To give the location of the blank faced villian
Who split atoms and gives mushrooms to civilians
Hiroshima never recovered
And all the evidence was smothered
Under a thick cloud of rubble
The pope is his brother
The hillsides is his mother
The statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover
Shes a harlet who stood still like time while new york turned scarlet
And the levee monster sucked up new orleans
While they was playin man vs man in afganhistan
With they mind of iran, iraq and sudan
Let em recruit you
He will try to use his powers to seduce you
Just let him think that the feelin is mutual
Cause if he finds out that you already knew
The atom had a positive a negative and a neutral
Hell probably salute you
Then wait til you turn your back like a coward and shoot you
Man this is shit is crucial,
You from the thirrd ward right,
Very treacherous,
Play where they kidnap assassins and bury specialists

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