[Mr. Porter:]
The games about to get hot,
Ayo doc, you better tell them other producer niggas that they bet' not drop, boy
Cause mr. porter ain't playing
What the fuck is you saying
I'll fuck over you mans
When my crew get to bringing some guns and start the spraying
Have the whole club bowing like some muslims praying
Boy, this niggas mad cause I fucked his toots
I got a way with hoes my dicks long as yao ming foot, nope
Nope nope nah nigga your shits invalid
I'm bout money you take some bitches like jimmy fallon
Well I'm the type to get em fucked up, drunk and wilin
All crunk in the g-5 smilin that's how I (get em, get em)
See if you want that hoe back
You ain't close to no pimp you should focus on rap
I got bars big as coconuts nigga in fact
I keep a nine and a extra clip next to my sack

[Guilty Simpson:]
I don't give a damn my nigga
Peep me out I got a bomb ass gun and a landmine trigger
Posted at the bar where I slam my liquor
Ya'll ants to me, like grandma sisters
You little insect fucksll get crushed
No rap clique exists it's just us
Saw you little fags
Posing in the pages of the rap mags
And I am the black flag
Spraying ya'll chumps to death I'm that bad
And I don't even speak to cats I'm that mad
So if I was on some brand new shit
So what you little coward niggas won't do shit
Approach with caution, your mans got issues
And I'm a great shot the heat, will not miss you
If we got problems I will not diss you
I'm a sick the dogs on ya'll to come get you

[Jay Electronica:]
Six minutes jay elect your on
I transform
And blast on a nigga like megatron
I got the power
I'm on fire like the west wing of the pentagon and the north tower
I'll break yo ass off proper
The resident doctors givin out one way tickets to ask biggie smalls who shot ya
These fuck niggas ain't real like snufalufagus
That's why when they bumpin they gums we let the muskets buss
You don't believe me, ask em
We smack rappers in they face spit on they cakes and blast em
Yeah, get nervous now
I'm a fuckin animal with the verbs and nouns
I'm a fuckin cannibal in the herd of clowns
You niggas look like heaps of steaks and burger mounds
When my ears start ringin, and them voices say hit em,
I have no motherfuckin choice but to get em

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