[Jay Electronica:]
I banged a lot of shakers
And no I don't spit scratch raps just know that my hands exchanged a lot of paper
I lived a lifetime for most of 'ya'll by twenty-one
Same Spades game, different player man plenty come (plenty go)
Twenty-four inch gleamers on the Benz
Might thicken up your friends
Thicken up your hens
Make you feel like Charles Dickens dippin' with your pen
But you can see like Stevie do by looking at your kin
Family tell a story
Neglect the ones you love the most
Scramblin' for your glory
Looking like Robert Horry
Trying to hit that clutch three with seconds on the clock
Viewing things rather poorly
Those that were before me
Tried to school me well but the wisdom only bored me
I never lost yet but if I did it would be sorely
Therefore I implore thee
Never come before thee
Champion of men
The beginning and the end

[Che Grand:]
Whether enemy or friend above the rim like Leon
My blood color neon, my soul age eons
My first name will be on the Nobel list
For now I'll settle for a Grammy on a track like this
Learn it, I used to rap with the Kool G lisp
Citizenship is British red snapper cook the fish
After grub we hit the club and walk away with medallions
Came a long way but fuck it homey we back again
Whatever when I made it through the worst of 'em
I can dodge drops in the hurricane the rain never touches 'em
You got guts running through your veins get freedom to spook
The set by the door you ain't even seen 'em
Cleaning guns in the back serial numbers they key 'em
They want half I only need ten for my per diem
And you don't need no fucking wristband to come and meet 'em
You can say you part of my band the Grand Union yeah

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