I really wanna take ya home
Make ya feel sooo good
So why you sittin there all alone
When ya look sooo good
Don't you play hard to get with me (no no no no)
And throw yo games baby soon you'll see
Hey we gotta play some hard to get

Hey miss lady it's uptown slim
Him, who be hangin on the corner with them
You lookin good in the anthropology dress
I might say yes but, you gotta realize you fuckin with the best
Boo I'm never ever stressed man
Everywhere I rest, I get treated like a king, I'm the sire here,
You can see it in the stars the messiahs here
You can read it in them cards, the fires here
Now, what's your name,
So I can tell you who you are and why you came
That feel good don't it
I can do ya real good put the hood on it
Now take that home and blow a bag a good on it
Google my name then e me in the morning
I'm jay electronica the black adam
Settin shit on fire like a cracked atom
Get at em (feel me)

Inventory let's see hmmmm
Pretty skin pretty eyes
Itty bitty waist pretty face pretty thighs
I can take you to space and it's ok if you heart rate start racin the stakes is pretty high
I normally don't chase but hey, it's really nice
To come out of the castle every once or twice, yeah
To have a shake and a roll of the dice gyeah
Deuce fever (uh), still got it
I control the dance floor slow is just logic
You fuckin with a pro-fession-al it's obvious
Tell me what you do for your skin it's gorgeous
Pretty mannequin in the gucci dress moblin
I'm a soveirgn with lamp hattins in manhattan
Lookin for a queen to get involved with
If it ain't broke then don't bother it
Call it what you wanna call it just don't stall it
Feel me

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