I was on the corner with Reem by tipitinas
He said "Ri, what up my nig, I ain't seen ya since Katrina"
Lil mikey doin time for flashin nines in Pasadena
I tried to tell em chill and wait til niggas get they cream up
I ain't gunna lie bra, niggas took that petty cash from FEMA
And copped a couple choppers why cause coppers on the clean up
You ain't know? they hittin niggas left and right with bids
On the news I seen a family of a grandma and some kids
They tore down where she lived for sixty years and told her here goes
A voucher for some powdered milk and cleanex for your tears
You seen them tents outside of city hall? that's where they live
A trailer in the park or cardboard box under the bridge
They closed down all the projects
And all these wicked contractors can see us makin profit
Insurance companies fucked us up the ass nobody stopped it
That's why I'm yellin fuck the world everytime I let my glock spit
My nigga, we ain't got shit
I spent the night in jail three times just cause I lost my id
I went to pastor raphael who said "son thou shalt not kill"
And I said "why me"
He told me god gonna try me
And when I left the church I heard the flashin lights and sirens
They said "let me see some id"
I said "yea sure I'll oblige thee, here sir that's my passport"
They threw me on the gate I said "man why you gunna do that for? "
They said "cause you the son of slaves your daddy was a bastard"
I could'nttake no more jay click clat sprrat blast blast that's what they asked for
We laughed he said "yea bra, you feel what niggas come from, it's good to see your face again,
Tell me what Elijah said bout how he came from space again? "

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