They threw rose pedals at the feet of the christ when I entered the center
Motherfucker I'm cold as the winter
My waves were spinnin like blades on pirellis
The christian dior shades was drivin them silly
It's big willy
I came through with them cats from philly
Lakers vs heat floor seats you know the dealy
Either you love the kid or wanna kill me
I'm back at em
On fire like cracked atoms
They over the hill like wyclef and proswell
I'm over the hills like UFOs at roswell
You lame I know you guys well
If you can name an mc that's flamer than me you high as hell
You can't dance with the chancellor
One glancell have you caught up in a trance with a tarantula
And if they could then you probably would
They come close but it's no cigar welcome to my world

You arms to short to box with the center of the prophets
Aviator shades the stage is a cockpit
Leather pelle
Lounging at the sofa telle
Sippin sam pelegrino eatin ghirardellis
I recline and chill twinklin the rag to shine my grill
That's that third ward appeal (bitch)
Get at me
Me and my chick is like JFK and jackie
They can't wait to catch me in dallas top down the grassy knoll and clap me
Kidnap my body
And fuck up the autopsy
But I'm nice like christ you blink twice you hit
I'm chillin in college park eatin salmon and grits
It's the black ceaser
Hes just, the lyrical monster
Boogie man outta the dumpster
Black pharoah
Jay bowie spittin phat arrows
Keep your eye on the sparrow and the fly apparel
You ain't ready for war hide your barrel
Stay in your lane man chance forf3 surviving is narrow
Welcome to my world

Deep in the jungle bustin
Nickle sacks of cracks from G Packs for stacks niggas on the humble hustlin
See that game
That's the one they call survival man they poppin at five-oh
They lowlife pigs who get it how they live
They daddys in them court houses givin out bids
Choppin niggas on blocks and leavin wickedness
Man they broidered the land then they small poxed the witnesses
Rapin babies usin ladies as they mistresses
Causing choas and disorder
That's why the glock on hold
The block on swole
I built this city on rock and roll
Now I'm banging on Rumsfeld and bells ringing
Him and Dickll be in hell singing
Woe to the hippocrits and infidels screamin niggas can't handle
The wrath of the son of man black pan de ma-yo
Yeah the flows that scandal... ous I crush any mc who feel the must
Try me, the smallest flea on the dog won't get by me if I was you id be
Scared to death, hit a nigga up, leave him right there in his mess
This penicillin I'm spillin leave hair on your chest you feel me
You can't beat me kill me
I'll be back in three days disguised in the garden with my kicks filthy
Told you I was nice like christ the rap angels throw down ice
I shine like jewerly in light
I can make a true believer out of curious dike
Shell be saying wearin heat jabs singing hum through de lair
I'll be slinging dice hummin songs on the ave
Theyll be sayin man
He goin off the path, (uh)
But that's on the low tho
Beatin cats with no glow
Tryin to play me like a hoe
But this ain't books and poems or tic tac toe
This planets moons quasars and high tech radars
You niggas on the grid while jay man stay gone of the radar (AWOL)

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