Mic check one, bitches and drugs
I'll pop a hot slug in the back of a thug
My chrome rim *blurts out*
Back to reality
This niggas gone mad with the fairy tale mentality
Bound by doubt I stood still in the mayhem
Relaxed all night and chilled in the AM
That's when I got a call from sinister sam, hello

[Sinister Sam:]
Peace god it's me I just came home from madawan
I be the charge don the chevy chase maryland
But when I came home I was faced with the case
With black chicken head stacey on the witness stand tattlin
I tried to call you but breezy told me to...

Take it easy homie you know these land lines is land mines
One step ka-BOOM... twenty years of mantime

[Sinister Sam:]
True indeed god I see your math you know they can't fade us
But don't stress

I'm back from my hiatus

[Sinister Sam:]
Good niggas is in the background dyin to noter staters

Yea I was out in vegas
Me and just blaze politicin on the latest
I mastered both sides of the force like Darth Plagus
Now I'm wildin on you haters
Style war, jay the greatest
King of the kings
Lord of the rings
Savior of saviors
The black rennaissance man of rap
Spittin magic on you silly rabbits

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