When I walk motherfucker,
My uzi weighs a ton,
When I talk motherfucker uzi weights a ton
When I walk motherfucker (my uzi weighs a ton [x3])

Never will I resign I'm a soldier for life
I'm masterin my circumference controlling the mic
Behold the light (bring)
Some niggas die for they ice
See I'll part with the chain
But I'm a die for the christ
This time I baptise with fire
Roll with a thousand soldiers like jeremiah
Call me sire
Hitman for hire
Show me the money like J Mcguire
Build my empire in the midst of the fire
Voodoo men say that I am I'm a stumbling stone
I'm never too far from home cause the earths my throne
I'm the king supreme superb out the third ya heard
Magnolia made me a soldier throwin dice on the curb
Crucified me the first day I'm rockin ice on the third
Burning circles on hood corners rockin mics and them birds
I got my hard hat my work gloves I'm ready to rock
So beware of this heavy hardware we steady to drop

Bring seven mcs put em in a line
Go get seven other cornballs who think they can rhyme
Itll take seven more befo I go for mine
That's twelve sucka niggas with a gash in they perm
Plus nine other motherfuckers draft to get burned
It's a horrible lesson indeed but has to get learned
It's the new world order
We kidnapped rap and took us south of the border
While cats rock three-sixty waves white tees girbauds and diodoras
Young guns is raised in the little shop of horror
When drama get to poppin and the shit get outta order
The choppersll chop a hole up in the door of your explorer
The coppersll pop a hole up in the door of your aurora
Watchers, dime dropper to copper sing em a story
Niggas is shiesty, in the land where they trill with it
Stress is a motherfucker man nigga deal with it

When I gave me some sweet advice, uh huh
He came like a man with it
Took it and ran with it
I'm a turn the rap game to the summer of sam with it
If anybody asks tell em the son of man did it
That's right you know my name I got the devil on the run
Why, cause my mother fuckin uzi weighs a ton
And I'm squeezin on you fuckers with the mic in my hands
Thatll leave terrorizing rappers from detroit to japan

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