Jay-Z Talking] (Little Voice) {Some man talking}
(Its something like, finding suckers on a house cap)
Let me take yall somewhere right now {don't be scared} (I'm searching for a
needle in a haystack, like this)
A Nigga got to zone out with me man {that's alright don't be scared}
Lets Zone Out

(I hear the people talk)
I hear Yall
(Whistling when they walk)
Do yall hear me
(Your kind is hard to find)
Yall n*ggas should twist up something real, real tight
(Gone and relax your mind)
Zone out with your boy
If you don't smoke grab you something to drink, mix it up right
(I hear the people talk), (whistling when they)
Yo don't smoke or drink just light up a in scent, fuck it
(Your kind is hard to find)
Close your eyes follow me
(Gone and relax your mind)
I want you'll to really hear

[Verse 1]
I speak through music
I reach you dudes
We can get deeper in the dirt
Then cleats shoes
I refuse to lose
I peep you creeps
Three months in advance
I see right through you Judas
The man that I am
And damn you don't know
The harder you go at me
The harder I flow
Lets do this
I'm just a mirror
Reflecting your image
The minute you switch up your face
I pick up the pace
Its nothing to it
Pull hammers from my waist
We can clap at this amateur pace
If that's whats cracking
Or we can play this on All Madden
Can you even follow?
Not having a fear in the world
I'm cool in my after life
If I'm reading these chapters right
Please would have you
I breeze through Matthews
Bleeding by half of you
You cowards die a thousand deaths
Fake fucks face down on your housing steps
Are yall even getting this message?
I aint being a aggressive
But if you testing my life
Then shit I got to answer
I got to cut off the cancer
Youngin' pull your pants up
You getting to big for your britches
You fucking with a dude
That did it with digits
Breathings a privilege
(Don't you know)? When you defeated
(Wont you though) Through in the towel
I'm better with vowels
I'm a man of principals
Damn near invincible
In my own mind
Now that my souls aligned
I didn't know before
Now my roads defined
To take over control of whats mine
(Come and get me)
Come and take my life you coming with me
Come and try and take me for granted
I'll take you off this planet
Damn it man this is a gift from god
This aint Pakistan so your arms are too short to box
Plus we knuckle up unorthodox
Can't take me off my grind
Get off my coch
What you thought it's the ROC
(I hear the..)
Back in the mix of the scuffle
Since 86 I was sick with the hustle
Get a couple chicks to touch you
(Hard To..)
Feather weight fucker don't ever hate on the brother

[Jay-Z Talking]
Just playing with you
I'm gone stop now
I aint got to sell another record in my life
The blue print 2 baby!
See yall in November!

(little Voice)
I hear the people talk
Whistling when they walk
You kind is hard to find
Gone and (repeat 3 times)

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