(Verse One)

I heard motherf*ckers saying they made HOV
Made HOV say
Ok so
Make another HOV

Ni**as wasn't
Playing they day roles
So we parted ways
Like Ben and J-Lo

Should of been did it
But I been in a daze though
I put friends over business
End of the day though

But when friends
Business interest is they glow
Ain't nothing left to say though
I guess we forgot what we came for

Should've stayed in food and beverage
Too much flossing
Too much
Sam Raustien

I ain't a bi*ch
But I gotta divorce them
Hov had to get that shallow sh*t
Up off him

I ain't even wanna be famous
Ni**as is brainless
To unnecessarily
Go through these changes

I don't even know
How it came to this
Except that fame is
The worse drug known to man

It's stronger than
When you can look in the mirror
Like there I am

And still not see
What you become
I know I'm guilty of the two
But not like them, you lost one


(Verse Two)

I don't think
It's meant to be, B
For she loves her work
More than she does me

And honestly at twenty-three
I would probably
Love my work
More than I did she

So we ain't we
It's me and her
Cuz what she prefers over me
Is work

And that's where we
So I have to give her free time
Even if it hurts

So breathe Mami
It's deserved
You've been put on this earth to be all you can be
Like the Reserves

And me
My time in this army is served
So I have to allow she
Her time to serve

The time's now for her
In time she'll mature
And maybe we can become we
Again like we were

My time's too short to share
And I ask her now it ain't fair
But yeah she lost one


(Verse Three)

My nephew died
In the car I bought
So under the belief
It's partly my fault

Close my eyes and squeeze
Try to block that thought
Place any burden on me
But please not that Lord

Time don't go back
It goes forward
Can't run from the pain
Go towards it

Some things can't be explained
What caused it
Such a beautiful soul
So pure, sh*t!

Gonna see you again
I'm sure of it
Until that time, little man
I'm nauseous

Your girlfriend's pregnant
The Lord's gift
Almost lost my faith
That restored it

It's like having your life
Can't wait for your child's life
To be a part of it

So now I'm like a child
Waiting for a gift
To return
When I lost you I lost it


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