(Jay Z)
Mirra Mirra
on for war
who is the freshes on them all
i love them all
but none of yall as douggie as me
and the boy kelly with the suicide doors
come on
we got hits like a 30 shit click
when we throw it in the air everybody hit the floor
holl at your boy royz
when we boyz so we bringing out them toyz
lane to lane on them things to danes
we'll give you lord mares
when the year change we change
we'll be right here
we could go bang for bang
we could go clip for clip
chsin for chain
we could go bitch for bitch got a pretty young thing
that i keep by my hip like my celli that rings(sing)

R. Kelly

These shells
left the hotel
j and tone on the way to after party
got the ladies sayin ohh

Jay Z

Best of both worlds and
we rock the club you know what i'm sayn
boy ho kellz we not playin
news is lose
so when we does what we do we win
and win again like de-sha-va
then we win again like mj do
3 peat the we retreat to what as thats blue
young scrappy this what grown men do
lets move

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