You say I need the rest why don't I go and see my sister way out west
That's very thoughtful of you dear and I'm really touched by all your tenderness
But us women are suspicious things we know that men aren't born with wings
What's makin' you so kind
Now I'm not smart but I'm not blind I think that you've got evil on your mind
You think that you've been good about as long as muskart bloomed human could
We've been together for so long I know another pasture's a looking good
Don't think that other men don't look at me that certain way from time to time
Don't think you're the only one that must counted with evil on your mind
Your mind is in the hare man surrounded by exotic dancin' girls
You're hearin' pretty music as they run their slender fingers through your curles
Ah dream on baby
I thank you for the flowers and the candy honey that was a very kind
For that's your way of tellin' me you're sorry for the evil on your mind

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