Though the door was open wide not a sound came from inside
So I looked in saw two shadows on the wall
One was new and strange to me one my sweetheart dear to me
How it hurt to see those shadows on the wall
They were kissin' like true lovers always do
Right then and there I knew that we were through
So I turned and walked away broken hearted to this day
All because of those two shadows on the wall
[ fiddle - piano - guitar ]
Not a tear came to my eyes I was hurt too much to cry
By the faithful kiss of shadows on the wall
Now I know the misery of living with the memory
Of that night I saw those shadows on the wall
If my heart could only fall for someone new
But it's so great to take the chance that's true
Nothing seems to heel the wound yes and I'm forever doomed
To be haunted by the shadows on the wall

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