Hold the fuck up,
Black Eyed Peas and Jimmy Ivoine
I know youu weren't thinkin' about talking about boom boom pow
Without Jeffree fucking Star

Listen up bitches...

Yo, I got that terminator twat
You can give me your cyborg load
I can swallow it whole
So wet, it flows
Spit on it then sit
Obama's rubbin' my clit
I got that boom boom pow
make my kitty go boom boom owww!

I like that boom boom pow
In my pussy go zoom zoom wow
Boys know my labia got swagga
I'm on that next shit now

I'm so 3008
Make you start ur period late
Vagina go boom boom boom
Ride it vroom vroom vroom
Come get it now

Boom boom boom
Gotta get that..
Boom boom boom, now

I'm on the supersonic boom
Fergie you pissed your pants
You need a De-pends costume
OH! fuck shit uhmmm

Ya'll suck on super 8 dick
That small-fi stupid 8 shit
I'm on your boyfriend's ass
This beat go boom boom fast

You're a queer when I turn you on
Into the future faggotron
Harder, quicker, motherfucker
Makes the boys extra longer

Cuz we got the meat that bounce
We got the future sound
We got the beat that 808
That boom boom turn you out

Bitches in the place
If you wanna get down
Put your tits in the air
Yes I am, gonna fuck now

Jeffree Star, Black Eyed Peas
Pee in my mouth

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