Bitches love me like my name's Justin Bieber, Deep throat so good, give every boy a fever.
Wake up every morning feelin' like P.Diddy, Why the fuck is there money in my grandmas pussy?
Legs around the pole, hickey marks on my neck, cum say hey to my Hello Kitty cervexx.
I'm a rolloer coaster ride, you know I'm good, got with Adam Lambert, even fucked Tiger Woods..
(Owww… What?)
My mouth is V.I.P, weave like Beyonce, lips like Jay-Z.
I'm bout to do a back bender, make you go POP!
You wanna lick this? Lipgloss & lollipop!
Sorry, I'm so dirty, so d-d-dirty.. Show me your wee wee!
Sucky sucky fucky fucky happy happy ending..
(HIYAH… hahah Whatever!)

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