Scene kids Ghetto jeans Gangstas 40's
and the bling bling sidekicks rollin
with the cleanest feel

Shorties Homies Hollywood, Moscow,
Shake that ass like you care wave
STAR your hands in the air

I go no no no when I see j-dog , Darth, The sun god they keep it hard.
We move slow slow slow shorty get that ass on the dance floor
Kids ashley k ome give me more



Black shirts Honda civs Myspace Gangstas dont know howda act, killa tat,
Songtexte dancin to the fattest tracks

Wood ranch Hooligans Jeffree Star niggaz in shit
Songtext ally show me where you at, beauty bar we gettin fat!
J-dog, just broke up with my girl, so from now on you see me at
Lyric club world, Moscow, 82, beat it beat it through ya skull in the
Liedertexte back of shit alley. get ready for me to grab your drink and show
Liedertext you my grand finale. Been accused of being a scene kid but I get
Alle pussy as is. Cause your girl just myspaced me, I blew off a date
JEFFREE with Jeffery. To chill with her, to drink with her, to flow with
STAR her so I can fuck her! I light the dance floor on fire, 82 isn't
The over you fucking Liar(tonites the last night!) !Will someone please delete
Kids Ricky's (terror)

myspace account dont let me find out, who took EvanThomas750's
Songtexte out( , cause Ill knock you the f**k out.
Songtext Drinkin

40's with the Frauds, on the phone with my mom, cause I cant pay
Lyrics my rent, money was lent. Messaging my wife (myspace wife) getting
Lyric drunker than life and Im on the dance floor but I always want more
fuck the pain away make it through the day X8

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