Yo, we're rockin' out here
In the studio
We're dancin' up high
And dancin' down low
Oh, there's a rug and
It's really kinda pretty
You know it's really good
And you know it's kind of greedy
Now I'm walkin' over here,
There's a chair
Now I'm over here,
Now I'm over there
I'm walkin' up stairs now
Oh Wow!
Look at the chair
It's here and then now
It's kinda like
Kinda snazzy like a treasure
You know it's gonna bring lots and lots of treasure
Now I'm walking over this way
Lookin', here's a lounge thing
Oh yeh
You know it's kinda
Oh yeh, we're rockin' over here
And there's a dog
And there's a frog
Wait, there's never a frog inside,
I don't know why I said it
But we ain't gonna fight
Cause there's gonna be fun
We're gonna be fun
We're gonna be fun
We're gonna be number one here!
Number, number, number one here!
Oh yeh
There's a brick wall
And there some monkeys
I don't really know but
I sees them!
Oh yeh
And here's a dog
He's really, really snazzy and he's got some
Ugly eyes!
They're really ugly eyes
They make me surprised
They fill me with lies
This room is round,
That's not a lie
Wait, if I was lying
Would I fall right down and die
I don't know!
Here, we're goin' over here in a circle
We're goin' over here in a circle
And we're goin' over here in a circle
Oh Oh
And now I'm gonna seat down
In the corner of the room
And now I'm gonna stand up
And I'm gonna spray some perfume
And now I'm gonna walk down
I'm gonna walk down like this
Now I'm gonna walk down
And give the camera a kiss!

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