[Da Brat talking]
Aint it fucked up
That when you work real hard to get sum shit
And finally make it to tha top an shit
Then it's a whole gang of motherfuckers
that hate that shit and wanna take that shit

Nigga, don't you hate on me, why don't you go and get you some?
Don't you hate on me, why don't you go and get you some? 8x

[Krayzie Bone]
Nigga, don't you hate on me.Motherfucker, go get you some
Get off my dick, bitch, get out my mix and tell me where the real niggas at
Put your blunts in the air,**[Krayzie chants] y'all nigga get fired to this
Tear tha roof off this mother, tell me who the thuggest in this
What you niggas really wanna do? Big ballers flossin'
Niggas wanna beat me so they got to be talkin'
Oh let me give them what they say and run 'em in they face
What they say? "Oh nothin'"
Buster, hit'em in they shit anyway (hey)
That's how we play, stil thuggin' ain't a thing change
Still the same name, love the face
Real, real niggas, that's all I gotta say**
You fuckin' with the real, you bound to get dusted
Really, the real ain't shit to be fucked wit'
Protected by the niner, when you careful
The nigga the trigger finger itchy fixin' to make you duck the whole flock
Make a nigga close shop, sho nuff
Showstopper, fuckin' 'em up with these ?¿?¿
Poppin' the shotgun
Real neccesary cause all we want is a little respect
That's all we want but nigga, you don't feel me (Nigga you don't)
Krazyie crazy, maybe insane hangin' with JD
Little rip done slip the clip into the gat, brat-tat-tat
Just like that [Da Brat screams]

[Da Brat]
I ain't tend' to be the bitch to procastinate'
Niggas wanna be shippin' me half a cake
Go through whatever drastic measures I hafta take
Make a motherfucker masturbate, the hotter I get the more hate
Some of you hoes is overrated with flows
The salvate'll take'em to the rehab and get'em re-instated
My lyrical content send other bitches to convents
Pray for me to be deleted but that's nonsense
Been the bomb since '74 Aries
I can see how ya nigga be lookin' at me
He want to get in between the sheets
Leave the wallet and the keys for me
I ain't persuaded easily but if he spend the cheese for me
Nigga, we can fuck free frequently
You study me, but another me could never be sold
Broke the most 6-0-6-4-4
When niggas'll haul off and hit ya with the sawed off
Seen plenty motherfuckers fall off with they jaws off
When I'm finished droppin' 'em al off on the west side of Chi, I'm ridin'
Thinkin' of way to make it through the major of the paper chase
Slidin' by, keep a luger in the chamber ready for danger when it's time to


**[J.D. chants]See everywhere I go, I feel like niggas be tryin' to get me
I'm fly no matter what. Iced up and all the hoes wanna fuck
Not to mention that a nigga got cake stacked up, packed up
Everything I touch, gold and platinum, what?
**[J.D. chants] Niggas can't fuck with us
Like Busta Bust, we dangerous**
And you know that if I peel I got mo'
Y'all peel, it's gone, that's why the ice grill on
When the wheel on by y'all niggas in the corner
Back and forth, like "fuck that little guy"
Don't worry bout me, **[J.D. chants] you need to worry bout yo' goddamn
How you shit on shelf and how you sit around
Wishin' that a nigga would sign to So So Def
I'm a A-T-L-A-N-T-Alien
Never been known to play with
Can't none of y'all see me, so y'all niggas don't really need to say shiit
**[J.D. chants]With all your paper-hatin', paper-hatin' and your bad looks**
What y'all need to do is shut up
And take heed to what my nigga sayin' in the hook

[Chorus til end]

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