Let me
Introduce myself
For those
A y'all who don't know
It was me
Who kicked down
The door back in 2004
That you knew me
When I was bringin'
"Beautiful Soul"
That was a preview
Let me shoot you
The first episode
Make ups
And break ups, yeah
I fell in
And out of love
Wrote it
All down for you
Just to look it up
21 years, hoppin' in
And out of clubs
What would you do
In my shoes?
You'd be livin' it up

But don't get it
Twisted, yeah
There's a piece
That you've never seen
To keep the shit
From effecting
Ny whole family
Caught in the middle
With a friend
Who's an enemy
I do what I can
'Cause in the end
I'm where I wanna be

Don't need
To talk about it
Just let
The record play
Hate it or love it?
It don't matter
'Cause I'm here to stay
Ladies get your ass up
Give it a little shake
And fellas
Throw your hands up (3x)
(Now turn it) up (3x)
(Now put your hands) up (3x)
(Now put your ass) up (3x)
(Now turn it) up (3x)

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