I know you think that I'm just a little girl
But I am all woman trapped inside young skin
You dared to let me near enough to catch a drift of your sweet smell
It was all over then, it's not like I can take it back now
So just give me the benefit of the doubt

You've got someone else at home
I don't know her, I don't care to
But she must not be making you see
Because you looked to someone else
To open your frantic eyes, and that someone was me
And I know this all seems so very complicated
We're from opposite worlds, from separate times

But if you look closely
I think you'll notice

We're just two parallel lines
One's yours and baby one's mine
We're cards of the same suit
But, alas, we're different colors
I wish I could take and break the rules one time
And merge two parallel lines

If your lips are lying I will kiss them
And make the truth walk free
Your eyes have been sharing things
I probably shouldn't see
I'd need a box of magic tricks
To hold you in my arms
You don't have to tell me that this will never work
Cause baby I already know

But that doesn't mean
That I won't try

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