There was a bull named Bucky
It seemed he ran out of lucky
You see Bucky
Didn't wanna buck

That was a problem you see
Cause he was on his way to Tallahassee
The main attraction
At the tri-county rodeo

He dazzeled 'em from Dallas to Dakota
Into the air he’d throw ya
And if you’d stay on his back
You'd win the gold

He had quite a reputation
A tornado of devastaion
But he was mellowing now
As he was growing old

Still you’d hear ‘em say

Step right in, step right up
Come see Bucky the bucking bull buck
He's a mean hombre, with big scary horns
Many mamas curse the day he was born
Come on in and get your ticket here
Your safe in the stands, you got nothing to fear
Watch the cowboys test their luck
See if they got the right stuff
Watch Bucky the bucking bull buck

He arrived at the rodeo around ten
He had a star trailer to lay in
And around him he saw the other bulls
Warning up

They loaded him into the chute
His rope not to tight, not too loose
And a rookie named Garret
Climbed upon his back

It became the same old routine
He had seen it all
There was no thrill it seemed
The dream had died long ago

But still you’d hear ‘em say

The cowboy nodded his head and said: “Let ‘er rip!”
The chute gate opened and they moved out quick
But Bucky hardly bucked and the cowboy cursed
"Come on now, give me your worst!"

There was such passion in the young man’s voice
Bucky came alive, well he had no choice
He said "ok cowboy, buckle in
Were gonna dance
Were gonna dance
Hang on to your pants!

And now you hear ‘em say

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