Once upon time used to feel so fine
I really mean to shine
We'd laugh like we were drunk on wine
No not anymore (x4)
Used to feel so good
Used to laugh like we should
We did what we could
Come on baby i'm sorry
Would you open the door (x4)

Baby don't say the stars are falling from your eyes
Baby just say, say you need me one more time
For you and i,
There is no good in goodbye

You know i used to love to leave,
Always had something up my sleave,
I guess i mistook being alone for being free,
But no never again (x4)


Yes i too was just like you,
Finding comfort in a strangers face,
In a darkened place where no one knew my name
And i was slow to see that everything had changed
And i was sad to see that i would never be the same
Without you by my side i'd go insane,
Cause you make the world make sense
Baby, you make the world make sense


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