I called you late last night
You said you didn't feel like talking
I had to blow off a little bit of steam
You said you were tired of feeling so uptight

You make me so loose
And I get so lost inside of you
But I cannot always find my way
To where you are

All used to be so simple, used to be so much fun
You said, yeah well that was back when you believed in my love
But that things are not so simple now
And I've turned out the lights somehow
In the darkness you cannot always find your way
To where I am

Please don't take your eyes from me
Cause if you did I would no longer be able to see
Oh please I need you

I am a princess
And I'm locked inside a stone tower of song
Trying to write message on the wind
Trying to send the message how I just want to belong
Oh choose me, choose me, take me, pick me
Oh I want to believe that noone else exists for you
And noone else exists for me

You are my home and I have finally found my way
To where you are

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